Australian Projects

Case Study Wollongong 

Molecular Horizons Building – World’s most powerful Transmission Electron Microscopes

V-Rod reinforcing specified for electromagnetic neutrality







Denham Recreational Jetty Opened by the Premier of WA Mr Colin Barnett

Pyrmount Bay Wharf


Drummoyne Wharf

Drummoyne Wharf


 Cremorne Wharf 

Balmain East Wharf

The Royal South Australia Yacht Squadron Wave Breakers

The standard continues to be set in Australia when it comes to concrete structures subject to environments that demand durability and peace of mind that only V-Rod can provide.

Aztec Analysis specified V-Rod for the reinforcing of the concrete wave breaker panels at the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron.

The Pre-caster found working with V-Rod to be a breeze.

V-Rod has many advantages over conventional reinforcing materials, reducing life cycle cost even in the harshest of conditions including high acid and alkali environments


Nano Science Building at the Sydney University V-Rod was used to reinforce concrete floors in the Nano Science Building at the Sydney University to eliminate electrical interference

University of New South Australia

Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication so there would be no interference with sensitive electrical equipment.


Ulverstone Community 

This project was very important to the Ulverstone community. The existing seawall was in disrepair after years of wear and so the choice to use V-Rod in its construction was a conscious one to ensure the life of the new seawall was well over 100 years

Tensar Area Sea Walls Eel River 


ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation)

V-Rod was the concrete reinforcement solution chosen by the engineers for the RC Shield Walls around the newly constructed Neutron Beam Dance floor at research facility of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technologies Organisation located at Lucas Heights, South of Sydney.

V=Rod was the obvious choice for this project as it is completely Electromagnetic Neutral. It contains no metal and will not interfere with the operation of the sensitive electronic equipment.

The V-Rod reinforcing was fully scheduled and manufactured to the required individual pieces, including ligatures specifically for this project. The pre-caster simply tied together the reinforcing and pored the panels as normal.

V-Rod is suitable for all electromagnetic sensitive applications such as MRI units, electronic war fare structures, power stations and smelters to control stray current in pot rooms etc.

Anthon Jetty Wyndham WA

A New standard is being set in Australia for concrete structure that demand durability. V-Rod was chosen by the client for its extreme durability and life time of maintenance free concrete

Winner of the 2012 WA Engineering Excellence Award

Reventment Wall Murray Bridge SA

Engineers for the new RSL site in Murray Bridge South Australia specified V-Rod as complete reinforcing solution for the shotcreted revetment wall that has been built right alongside of the new future bowling greens at the club. This wall can be potentially subject to high soil moisture content and concern over future corrosion of normal steel reinforcement had to be addressed.

 Sydney Fish Market

VRod Sydney Fish markets

Gold Coast Rail Project

V-Rod is the specified reinforcing being used to reinforce the concrete around the electromagnetic sensitive areas of the Detector Loop- The critical area that enables the induction into a circuit to signal the arrival of a train for the next station and the operation of traffic signals on the Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project. V-Rod is electromagnetic neutral and contains no metal, it will not interfere with sensitive electrical equipment. The engineers for the Gold Coast Rapid Transit Link have a specified V-Rod for this very reason.

VRod Gold Coast Rappid Transit Project.jpg22


South Road Super Free way

Dowels used between and below slabs in an existing drain to support parts of the freeway